IATEFL Revisited

I was really inspired by IATEFL 2013 in Liverpool.  I met loads of interesting people, had some really insightful conversations, attended many fantastic sessions, and was exposed to a huge range of teaching ideas.  My eyes were open to new ways of using technology and for the first time I really experimented with tweeting, following blogs and incorporating mobile learning into my own professional learning through posts and taking photos in sessions on my phone.  I left swearing I would incorporate all of these new ideas into my own teaching.

But how long will the buzz last?  Will it all fade when I get into the classroom?  Will I fall into my same old teaching routines?

I also left feeling a bit overwhelmed by the shear amount of information out there.  How could I possibly fit all of these ideas into my own teaching?  When would I have the time?   How would I remember them all?  How could I even begin to pass these ideas on to my colleagues who didn’t attend the conference?

Which leads me to this series of blog posts.  Instead of trying to process all of the sessions now, what if I just revisited one thing from IATEFL every week?  Would I continue to be inspired?  Would the ideas still hold true and seem as fresh as they were in Liverpool or will the magic wear off with time?  Would they be practical?  Could I actually use them in my class, in my context, with my students?

So here goes.  One IATEFL idea revisited, one post, one time a week (more or less) until the magic wears off.


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