A few weeks ago I posted about using Fotobabble in class.   I really like this tool, but it left me wondering, whenever students create something, like a voice recording, what’s the best way to share it?   Should we spend class time sharing?  Should they get all their devices out and share in pairs?  In small groups?  How can everyone hear without headphones?  Or should we put their work on the IWB individually for the whole class to see?  That could be intimidating and take ages.

When I was looking into how to use Fotobabble, I came across the Tefltecher blog talking about sharing on something called Wallwisher.  Well, Wallwisher must have become Padlet and Padlet is my new favourite web tool.


When I read that Padlet is an easy way to create a website to easily share things, I was skeptical.  Easy?-yeah right!  When is a website ever easy? Can this be real?!  But, actually it is extremely easy to use.

Go to, click on ‘build a wall’ and you’ve created a page that students can access and add to just by double clicking anywhere.  Just give them the URL (website address).  Really it is that simple.

I recently used it with students and I went a step further and gave the page a title, changed the background and made it password protected so only my students could access it and change it.

Check out my intermediate class’s Padlet .

padlet journey


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